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Witnessing of Weld Tests
Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) In order to ensure that welding qualification tests are carried out in a correct manner, personnel are appointed to witness welder/welding operator and/or welding procedure specification (WPS) qualification tests being performed. The need to be competent These tests fundamentally involves welding and then subsequent mechanical testing (by a qualified test house ). Importantly the personnel appointed need to be competent for the tasks they are expected to perform. Ensuring Tests Are
Ultrasonic Testing Tech Inspections Our Experience
RWC Training Programme Our highly regarded Responsible Welding Coordinator training programme, is aimed at Managers, Supervisors, Welders, Inspectors, Engineers, Quality and other professionals in the welded fabrications sector Those who are looking for the technical Knowledge & skills towards undertaking a role as a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) or Welding Coordinator within their company. Welding Coordinator Training Overview For more information click here
Welding Theory - 4 Popular Types Of Welding Procedures
4 Popular Types of Welding Processes Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW / MMA) With this particular type of welding, the welder follows a manual process of stick welding. … Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG / MAG) Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) … Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding (GTAW/TIG) Welding Theory For more information on welding theory click here
Safety in Welding
Electric shock Electric shock is one of the most serious and immediate risks facing a welder.  Electric shock can lead to severe injury or death, either from the shock itself or from a fall caused by the reaction to a shock. Electric shock occurs when welders touch two metal objects that have a voltage between them, thereby inserting themselves into the electrical circuit. For instance, if a worker holds a bare wire in one hand
Visual Inspection Training
Visual Inspection Training Course Overview The welding inspection course typically covers: visual inspection procedures; relevant codes of practice, terms and definitions; welding processes and typical welding defects; weld measurements; typical documentation and requirements; practical inspection and reporting. For more information on Visual Inspection click here

Client Testimonials

We are proud to use Tech Inspections Ltd & welding services, for their professionalism and expertize in the training of our engineers to the standard of coded welding, and obtaining the necessary certificates.

Ray Duncan
Rating: 5

Tech Inspections have always shown professionalism and vast experience in the role as our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator. They have assisted with audits and given us appropriate guidance where required, whilst offering practical  hands-on training and advice whenever needed.

We have worked withTech inspections for a few years now. Dominic is always extremely helpful ans responsive, particularly so with our CE approval process not to mention welder training and all the accompanying paperwork. We would highly recommend Tech Inspections to other fabrication companies looking for assistance in these areas

Brent Richards
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