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Dominic – MD Tech Inspections


Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) – also known as liquid penetrant inspection – is used to locate surface cracks and defects and the porosity of the material. It is easy to perform and easy to clean up, causing minimal disruption to productivity, but also only detects discontinuities on the surface of the material.

The test surface needs to be properly cleaned (free from debris, oil, water etc.) and dried in preparation for this method. The test surface then gets covered in a film of the penetrant liquid (either colour contrast dye, or fluorescent dye is used) to create a capillary action to penetrate any flaws. A developer is then added to the test surface to draw out the invisible flaws and now make them visible to the technician, sometimes under either normal white light, but also using ultra-violet black light depending on which dye was used.

Client Testimonials

We are proud to use Tech Inspections Ltd & welding services, for their professionalism and expertize in the training of our engineers to the standard of coded welding, and obtaining the necessary certificates.

Ray Duncan
Rating: 5

Tech Inspections have always shown professionalism and vast experience in the role as our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator. They have assisted with audits and given us appropriate guidance where required, whilst offering practical  hands-on training and advice whenever needed.

We have worked withTech inspections for a few years now. Dominic is always extremely helpful ans responsive, particularly so with our CE approval process not to mention welder training and all the accompanying paperwork. We would highly recommend Tech Inspections to other fabrication companies looking for assistance in these areas

Brent Richards
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