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“Welding procedures specifications (WPS’s) & welder approvals are most crucial to a company. They guarantee that you get good welds which are fit for purpose, all of the time.”

Richard – Weld Engineer Tech Inspections

In other words: To make a good cake (the weld) you must have a good recipe (WPS’s) and good chefs (welder approvals) and you will get a good result every time!


Higher level of expertise gained

By using Tech Inspections Ltd your welders will gain more knowledge, more skills and will understand their welds better.

Quality assurance

If followed properly, the pre-qualified WPS provides reasonable assurance that sound welds will be produced.


By reducing defects and maintaining consistency within production you achieve greater control over your factory processes.

Save time and money

Eliminates or greatly reduces the lost time during fabrication through minimising defects within poor welding and gaining greater knowledge of welding procedure.

Some welders mistakenly believe that passing a welding certification test is a matter of luck. Passing a weld test is both a function of a welder’s skill and knowing the detailed information regarding the acceptance level of the weld. Without both of these elements, passing the test would indeed be just luck.

A specified course of action to be followed in making a weld assisting with the writing and development of your welding procedures, we can offer expert advice on up to date codes and standards. All testing is performed at our UKAS accredited laboratory.

A welder approval test is a test of the level of skill attained by the welder. Our inspectors are qualified to provide welder training up to both British and International Standards. All testing is performed at our UKAS accredited laboratory

Tech Inspections can witness all of your welder procedure tests & approval tests. We give out free advice on any welding matters that you are unsure with, and can also offer training before any procedure or approval test takes place. Our welding inspectors are there to help you pass, not to make you fail.

As welding inspectors, we can develop and create company’s preliminary Welding Procedure’s Specifications (pWPS’s). We are qualified to write Welding Procedure Specifications(WPS’s), which is the formal written document describing welding procedures. This sets out all parameters, and basically is the recipe for the welders to follow.

We also create companies Welder Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR’s or PQR’s) which is a record of the test performed and tested (more rigorously) to ensure that the procedure will produce a good weld.

From the welding procedure qualification record (WPQR), we write the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS’s) for the company’s welding personnel to follow.

Being qualified or certified in one area of welding does not necessarily mean that a welder can make quality welds in other areas. Most qualifications and certifications nowadays are restricted to a single welding process, position, metal, and thickness range.

It is most important that changes in any one of a number of essential variables can result in the need to rectify.

Client Testimonials

We are proud to use Tech Inspections Ltd & welding services, for their professionalism and expertize in the training of our engineers to the standard of coded welding, and obtaining the necessary certificates.

Ray Duncan
Rating: 5

Tech Inspections have always shown professionalism and vast experience in the role as our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator. They have assisted with audits and given us appropriate guidance where required, whilst offering practical  hands-on training and advice whenever needed.

We have worked withTech inspections for a few years now. Dominic is always extremely helpful ans responsive, particularly so with our CE approval process not to mention welder training and all the accompanying paperwork. We would highly recommend Tech Inspections to other fabrication companies looking for assistance in these areas

Brent Richards
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