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Witnessing of Weld Tests

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

In order to ensure that welding qualification tests are carried out in a correct manner, personnel are appointed to witness

  • welder/welding operator
  • and/or
  • welding procedure specification (WPS) qualification tests being performed.

The need to be competent

These tests fundamentally involves welding and then subsequent mechanical testing (by a qualified test house ). Importantly the personnel appointed need to be competent for the tasks they are expected to perform.

Witnessing of Weld Tests

Ensuring Tests Are Performed In Accordance With The Requirements

“Examiner” is a typical term used in welder qualification standards for the person witnessing the tests. Regardless of the terminology used, the “examiner” role is to ensure that tests are performed in accordance with the requirements, and most importantly that the necessary records are produced and verified as being correct.


The task of witnessing welding tests is independent and may be separate to these particular functions. A person witnessing the tests may or may not be the same person or persons carrying out

  • Visual examination,
  • Mechanical testing or
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)


The criteria for welder qualification tests, production or pre-production tests may be set out in national, regional and international standards or within individual client specifications. Such documents normally contain details of

  • Welding pieces to be produced,
  • Testing to be performed
  • Acceptance criteria for the tests.


The person witnessing the tests is expected to have access to and be familiar with the necessary testing requirements when the qualification commences. Those acting as examiners in welder qualification tests should have received sufficient training to enable them to perform the tasks in a competent and professional manner. Personnel with the welding supervisor qualification listed in xxxxxxx meet these requirements.

Examiner Tasks

It is the responsibility of the examiner to undertake a number of tasks in order to ensure a satisfactory qualification test. Where other personnel are involved in any of the tasks, measures should be taken to ensure

  • that the material welded is the material tested,
  • that the test results on the certificates are accurate
  • the range of qualification is correct.

Taking accurate notes

Those examining qualification tests are expected to take accurate notes or copy activity records in order to verify the results in qualification packages are true. For example these tasks may include run by run welding parameter records in welding procedure qualification tests

Witnessing of Weld Tests

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Free Guide To Welding Procedures

Welding procedures Tech Inspections

Written by Dominic Moran Eng Tech TechWeldI a time served welder and Welding Inspector for the last twenty years, if its Carbon Steels, Stainless, Titanium, Aluminium, Duplex or Inconel  and needs welding then Dominic has probably welded it, written the WPS’s and been involved in its testing. This report covers the key elements of Welding Procedures and Approvals and provides a valuable insight into Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR ), Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) and Welder Approvals (Welder Qualifications).

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